South Africa - B 50 – Women Empowerment & Gender Equality Bill

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03/23/14  – – 916.923.2215


Title: South Africa - B 50 – Women Empowerment & Gender Equality Bill

Bill Version (Date): Introduced on11/6/13

Posted Hearing Date: Not Scheduled

Turn Letter In By: ASAP – sending a letter might help get it scheduled for a hearing and vote.

Author Name and Party: The Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities

Bill Summary: To affect section 9 of the 1996 S. Africa Constitution, in so far as the empowerment of women and gender equality is concerned; to establish a legislative framework for the empowerment of women; to align all aspects of laws and implementation of laws relating to women empowerment, and the appointment and representation of women in decision making positions and structures; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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Code Section Affected: Republic of South Africa Constitution – section 9

Bill Status: In the following Committee: Select Committee on Women, Children and People with Disabilities

Bill History: Click Here

Suggested Action(s):

  • Write/Call Committee Chair: Ms. Bertha Peace Mabe
  • Write/Call Secretary of the Committee: Secretary of Committee:

Mahdiyah Solomons

Tel: 021 403 3844

Cell: 083 709 8572

Fax: 086 694 4326


Write/Call Committee Chair: Bertha Peace Mabe  - email:

Write/Call Committee Members





Michael Jacobs Roland De Villiers



Bertha Peace Mabe


(021) 403 2615/083 709 8518

Nosilivere Winnifred Magadla


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No Phone

Mamosoeu Wendy Makgate


(021) 403 3040/083 709 8459

Thabo Lucas Makunyane



(021) 403 2911

Gauta George Mokgoro



Agnes Noluthando Daphne Qikani


(021) 403 2875/083 709 8460

Malesane Priscilla Themba


(021) 403 8661/083 709 8476

Darryl Arthur Worth


(021) 403 2380

Muntukaphiwana Milton Mbongiseni Zulu




Basic Issue Summary - Our Analysis: (If necessary)

Pro: Should the rights of women be enhanced, as outlined in the legislation?

Con:  How should the rights of women be enhanced?  Should the rights of women stay the same as they are outlined in the Constitution?

Suggested Contacts: (committee members):

All committee members, as listed above

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·   Analysis produced by:  Michael Ross

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