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Welcome to Advocacy Groups. Advocacy Groups are a very powerful social media related tool that allows you and group members to write letters, create Action Alerts, and post Events on our site! To get started, browse existing Advocacy Groups below to see if one exists, or even better, log in and create your own!

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Welcome to The Letter Depot, where writing a letter and sending it to the correct person is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Please browse the below letter directories to get started on writing effective letters that get results. 

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See what letters are trending on our site. Whether you are a letter writer looking for samples or business leader looking for feedback, our public collection of letters is a valuable resource. Browse our popular letters below or start writing your own letters today!

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The Letter Depot Contact Directory puts you in touch with business, political, candidate and personal contacts around the world. We help you find accurrate, up-to-date contact information. To get started, browse existing contacts below.