Mobile Apps

As political actions, issue based movements and revolutions throughout the world bring more freedoms and transparency to the actions of government and business, citizens from all over the world have one common problem – sharing their thoughts feelings, needs and requests with those in power easily, professionally and effectively.

Organizationally, The Letter Depot (LD) (located at sees the lack of citizen participation in governmental actions as a fundamental flaw that stretches not just governmental styles, but generations, religions and economic beliefs. Structurally, the LD has found a dynamic solution to this problem, one that educates and encourages community involvement.

To help consumers, voters and users, the LD has developed a series of exciting and revolutionary interactive internet concepts that focus on providing consumers with quality, live, interactive letters on a variety of subjects and in a variety of languages, and smartphone Apps that make access easy, swift and effective. With issues spanning the globe and ranging from A to Z, the LD knows that we can (and will), make a difference (and profit) by helping users professionally and effectively communicate with elected officials, the courts and business professionals at the international, federal, state and local levels.

So what makes us different than the “other guys” -Getting right to the point, others write letters as part of their jobs, while our job is to pen dozens of live, effective letters and help user properly use them. For example, the “other guys” put up one or two static letters or petitions on their website and then ask visitors to sign them exactly as written. The LD product is completely different – our growing letter library not only provides the letter’s skeleton, but also provides the user with personalization options, including use of logos, personal stationary and text fields in which to present their own thoughts, feelings and words. To seal the deal, the LD provides the recipient’s contact and/or delivery information, including an email addresses - all this in less than 3 minutes.

FOR EXAMPLE: imagine that …

  • You’re in a store, hear the radio announcer say that the US Senate is going to vote on a Bill dealing with a widgets, and you want to tell your Senator your feelings and urge them to vote one way or another. So, you grab your smart phone, log in, choose a letter, add your comments, hit send - and bingo – your voice, thoughts and feelings are now transmitted to the US Senate and included in the discussion, all while waiting in line to pay for groceries. Satisfying. Dynamic. Creative. Revolutionary.
  • Someone using the site’s social networking tools and their PC, publishes a letter asking Iran’s new President, on behalf of the world peace and security, to abandon their nuclear program, and within hours, 5,000,000 people from every corner of the globe view the letter, pen their thoughts and send the letter to him. Powerful. Very powerful.
  • Something good or bad just happened to you in a store – any store - and you want to tell management about it. You pull out your mobile device, and in less than 3 minutes you log in, select a business letter, tap a couple of screens, fill in some information, hit spellcheck then send and bingo, your letter is on your way,  not just safely and securely, but to the right person, the first time.

Now, with our Apps and letters, you can not only participate and voice your opinion, but you are on the cutting edge of technology – technology that will help bring transparency to government.  As such, our apps fall into three categories: