The 10 Commandments of Our Letter Writing Program

Created by consumers, for consumers, www.TheLetterDepot.com is designed to support the following mission statement, something we affectionately call the 10 Commandments of our Letter Writing Project.

Before we get to those, I want you to understand the goal and principals behind www.TheLetterDepot.com. Simply put, we want you to be able to send a letter to any person in the political or business world(s) while standing in line at the supermarket – and that means that in less than 2 minutes, you can write a professional letter, address it and deliver it on your computer or cell phone – for free!

The Letter Depot's 10 Commandments

  1. The Letter Depot will work with you to enhance your voice in the political and business worlds
  2. As a letter writing site, The Letter Depot will be providing you with tips (link to tips section) on how to enhance the art of letter writing, thus educating the public about how to write effective, action oriented letters that get your message across. The sites power in this area stems directly from high quality letter samples and templates on a variety of subjects ranging from A to Z
  3. Not only will The Letter Depot help you deliver your letters, but based on our letter’s and their design, we will help you get responses from those you write to
  4. The Letter Depot’s unique philosophy and dynamic history puts us in a different category as other letter services, not only do we give you the tools (templates), but we show you how to use them to organize
  5. Communities (link to communities)– The Letter Depot will work with you to create communities around letters that are created by you, your needs and your issues that are approved by our advocates and then posted on the site for others to fill out and use
  6. The Letter Depot plans on establishing a Letter Library (link to letter library)– so no matter what the issue, position or problem, you’ll find a variety of letters to use
  7. The Letter Depot will be developing specific support and opposition letters (link to letters)that can be used to support or oppose legislation that has been introduced in legislative bodies around the country
  8. The Letter Depot’s political and business data base (link to databse) will be updated regularly, not just to include local and national information, but information from around the world. This is a labor of love that is based on this concept: we believe that everyone, no matter where they are, should be able to communicate with their legislator, political leaders, and business professionals, whether they are in Albania, China, Russia or Zimbabwe.
  9. The Letter Depot will create, host and make available free of charge, lesson plans (link to teacher lesson plans)for educational institutions
  10. As The Letter Depot grows, we will be expanding delivery options (link to delivery options)to include not just email and fax, but special and personal delivery programs so that you, the voting consumer, can get your message, thoughts and feelings sent directly to the right person, the first time.